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The Dutch I Presume? Icons Of The Netherlands

The Dutch I Presume? Icons Of The Netherlands - Martijn de Rooi, Jurjen Drenth,  et al
"God created the world, but the Dutch created the Netherlands"

Also known as: the perfect book to read when you're a homesick Dutch expat.

I bought this book for my Swedish partner half a year ago. It's a pretty neat book - tons of pictures, witty, lots of subjects and cute little facts (the meaning of the positioning of sails on a windmill, a small overview of different kinds of liquorice). The spelling and grammar ("Dunglish") is sometimes cringe-worthy (look up the book 'I always get my sin').

Ironically, this book quite proudly presents all kinds of Dutch nick-nacks, while I belief the Dutch are quite modest and critical of their own country and excessive pride is not done. And at the same time I'm going to an identity crisis after reading this book: what do you mean clogs are originally from France? What do you mean, windmills based on a Persian prototype? Barrel organs Belgian and German?! Cheese slicer Norwegian?! I've been living a lie! Oh well, at least we still have our Koetjesrepen*.

*Produced in Belgium?!