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Brave New World
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Handbok i Svenska som Andraspråk

Handbok i Svenska som Andraspråk - Claes Garlén, Gunlög Sundberg Excellent book for when you're getting around level B2 in Swedish. Handy to read in preparation for TISUS or other Swedish examinations.

This book is especially useful because it's so practical. It's full of examples and actual stuff you want to know for real life instead of the dry stuff you learn just for the tests. Stuff like how to chit chat, templates for letters and e-mails for different situations, examples of questions you may get in all kinds of situations, examples of both formal and informal remarks. There's also a lot of attention for the culture. I can imagine not every choice in expressing oneself is as logical as for the native speaker. It's good to know that some things are considered a bit rude for example, even if they're grammatically correct.

Hopefully I've passed the TISUS today, otherwise I may have to buy this book!