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Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference
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Brave New World
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Svenska uttryck och deras ursprung

Svenska uttryck och deras ursprung - Kerstin Johanson I have to read more of these kind of books! When learning a new language I tend to avoid using sayings, even though I love it when other people use them and it enriches the language. The benefit of at least speaking another germanic language originally, is that plenty of sayings can be directly translated (though NOT the saying to make an elephant out of a mosquito - in Swedish that would instead be translated to making a chicken out of a feather!)

My favorites:
"Ha rent mjöl i påsen"
"Det är ingen ko på isen"
"Glida in på en räkmacka"
"Hälla vatten på en gås"
"Goddag yxkaft"
"Lägga lök på laxen"
"Pang på rödbetan"