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Brave New World
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Hjärnkoll på maten

Hjärnkoll på maten - Martin Ingvar, Gunilla Eldh Having seen this book on the shelves of a local bookstore before, I didn't expect this book to be so colorful and to contain so many recipes. It does fit the book, which is some kind of conclusion written about myths and half-truths about food from the last decennium. Contradicting 'facts' about among others coffee, dark chocolate and wine are being cleared up and while this isn't a book about dieting (quote from the book: "Du skall icke begå brott mot dig själv genom att banta"), it's hard to not let it affect what you're currently eating.

While I would've liked to have read more about the 'science of eating', the practical tips to change eating habits are probably much more useful for actually applying this knowledge to my daily life.