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Matilda - Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake Anyone around my age who's at least a little bit interested in book blogs or "booktube" (YouTubers that talk about books), knows that a lot of people around my age choose the Harry Potter series as their favorite books and/or mention the HP series as the books that got them into reading. Now, I was already a pretty faithful reader when my father first mentioned 'Harry Potter' ("What kind of title is that anyway?") and I can't say that any book really "got me into reading", because I can't remember that far back, but if I should nominate a book that kind of sealed the deal for me, it must be Matilda.

It's been many years since I last read this book, but I remember having read it by the time I was 9, because in that year the teacher picked the book to read to my class and I had already read it and loved listening to it again. I remember the important stuff the sawdust, the stuff flying around, miss Trunchbull, the chocolate cake and that it's totally better than the movie. Boyfriend: "I've only seen the movie. Wasn't it about something with magic?" me: "No, no magic. Well, there were some things flying around. Matilda could make things fly." He: "magic" Me: "No! She was just... Understimulated!"

I think it's a great book for young readers, because Matilda loves reading and she's obviously very cool. So reading = cool. Young children can't hear this often enough.